Children’s Library

Petina Gappah’s Children Library

The children’s library caters for children of all age groups in the primary level and below. Library use is for free. It charges nominal fees for users who want to borrow books and take them home. It is named after the renowned author and advocate Petinah Gapah who has played a pivotal role in the establishment of the library through fundraising and donation of materials to the section. Petina Gappah is a renowned and advocate for children

Among other things the section offers the following services to children:

  • Specialised children’s librarian
  • Quiet and conducive reading Space
  • Colourful fiction and non-fiction books
  • Storytelling and reading sessions
  • Safe and supervised Computer and online service (Free WIFI for those with gadgets)
  • Games and more.

As children are the future leaders for tomorrow it is our role as the Harare City Library to instil a reading culture and assist values in these children through our collection. The library’ s collection consists of different genres and formats. We have non-fiction and fiction books for age groups in the primary level and below. The collection is not limited to certain few subject but it has a wide range of subjects to entertain and teach the children. Books for early readers are available and for books worms and those who intended to be book worms, we also have also books by Enid Blyton, Caroline Keane, Roald to name but a few.