Clean up campaign

Harare City Library as a group pride themselves in being the responsible citizens and by this, the team took on cleaning our premises and the areas surrounding our library. This initiative will continue monthly, as initiated by His Excellency The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Hon. Emmerson Mnangagwa.

We strive to ensure our environment is clean .

Book donation by the American Embassy

We gratefully acknowledge the book donation by one of our partners. These books will find their way to many fiction readers in our Library. We welcome books and other information resources which strengthen the library collection.

All gifts receive careful consideration by library staff. Materials appropriate to be added to the library’s collection include recently published books in subjects collected by the library, additional copies of high use items like new curriculum books. Items which fall outside of the library’s collection subject areas, outdated textbooks and computer books, duplicate copies of low use items, materials in poor physical condition, and similar items will not be accepted.

fiction books

Gift materials are given to the library without condition. Upon receipt, gifts become the property of the library . The Library reserves all rights to determine addition to the collection or disposal. Items not added to the collection may be given to other libraries, auctioned, or given away to our clients free.

If you have any questions about donations of books or other items please contact us on +263 242751835